Monday, December 14, 2009

Elder David Berryhill -
Washington Kennewick Mission
In front of the Portland Oregon Temple

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Date: Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Hello everyone!

Its me again. Things are doing pretty well over here. The work is progressing forward. The beauty of seeing the mercies, wisdom and infinite love the Lord has for His children is simply wonderful. As I think on this I feel calm and happy inside. How blessed I am. To be in assocation with servants of the Lord who live in accordance with the laws set forth is wonderful for it has had its effect on me. I am thankful to be here. Its has been getting pretty cold over here and about a week ago there was snow in the place called "Hanford" above and the mountains below us. We experienced some frost but that was about it. I thought it was interesting that the snow strom went around us or at least that is what it appeard to be. Personally I think the Lord was very kind and cognsent of us. Well I might as well tell you all what happend:). No nothing bad I assure you. Remember me telling you that something really awesome and cool was about to happen up here? Well here it is. On November 14th Saturday 2009 Elder Jeffery R. Holland visited the entire Washington Kennewick Mission at 2:15pm! It was one of the most awesome experiences I have had on my mission, shish! in my life! I got to shake his hand and look straight into his eye. It was wonderfully teiorrfying! Sorry I stink at spelling. He TORE us down and built us right up! I will NEVER forget it! Well I got to go but I love you all so much! Tell me whats going on on your guys' end. I love you guys and tell me how Dad is doing And you to :) Love ya! Bye!

Elder Berryhill

P.S. Thanks Mom! You are totally Awesome to! Love you guys!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Date: Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 12:04 PM

Hello Everybody

I appoligize for not writing you, I should say that the letter did not get sent to you. Appearently I sent it to an address that did not exsist due to my mispelling. I sent it off just today. I want you all to know that I am doing fine and I love you all. I just wanted to let you know that the reason you have been hearing little from is because I have been emptying my inbox on It has been a little longer then usual because I have to copy and paste alot. Every transfer changes alot of things in your area but this one has changed alot. Much of the people here have been swaped out. But I am greatful I have been kept here because there is much to do and I love the people here. This is the first place that I think I can call my first area. For several reasons but the most part it is because this is my first area that I have been left in. As such much of our succsess has been pending on how well I know the area and the people and so has proved to be a growing experience for me being like a catalyste or.... whatever :). I know the gospel is true and I love you. Tell me whats going everybody. I love to hear from you if you got a moment. Oh and Mom I want you to know you are not naging I appreciate you writing those sort of things very much it has helped me stay grounded many times. Thank you for all you do Mom. And thank you all for all you do. Well I'm stickin' around with my companion from last transfers which is awesome because we had a blast! Well I love you guys. Here is my basic day.
6:30 wake up and work out (Grrr I hate this part in the morning:) )
7:00 shower and eat
8:00 Personal study (My time to be spiritally Nurished)
9:00 Companionship study (share what we learn with each other)
10:00 get out and work (Sometimes we tract)
12:00 Lunch (sometimes we go out)
1:00 Out again(many times we stop by appiontments previously set and others we just drop by out of the blue)
5:00 Dinner (usually at a members house)
7:00 Exchanges( see people we've set appiontments with and others we just drop by and try to have a lesson)
9:00 get home and have "Sacred 30" and plan
10:30 in bed and lights out (Yay! ZZZZZzzzzzz)

I support you Mom and Dad. I know that what you both are doing is an extreamly important thing for our country but just know it means a heck of alot more to all of us. You go Mom and Dad!!!!! I love you both!

Well Okay I hope all of you guys have a woinderful day and I hope to hear from you soon. love ya bye!

Love Elder Berryhill
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 18:58:25
Subject: Hello Everyone
Hi everybody!

How is everyone doing? I am soo glad that everyone is starting to feel better and are getting better.

Hey Mom I will send a package to you soon. In it contains actual pictures and cds that have pictures on them. I feel really bad I haven't sent them yet because there are so many pictures on there and there is one picture that is of me with the Portland temple in the background. I took this 4 1/2 to 6 months ago. Sorry about that but they are comin now. I'll be sure to take more pictures of me and others. I'm sorry I was procrastinating and somewhere along the line I came under the impression that the plaque was already assembled. And I feel bad I didn't send them after the many times you said you wanted to have some pictures. Well they're a comin.

I love you guys. I'm pround of you Dad. I'm pround of all of you! You are ALL making outstanding strides in your lives and are setting a huge example for me! What a blessing to have such a family as mine! I want you all to know that I look up to you I really do. You give me such comfort to know you are all mine for all eternity and I am yours. I am sorry if I failed to reply back to you any of you but I'm gonna try to get back to you. Thank you for your example. Thank you for your love and support it really is appreacited. I am greatful for the gosple of Jesus Christ. It makes me free. Of this there is no doubt. May we all be free and not be ensnared by the traps set by satan. Remember we are all gonna be there. A promise is a promise Love you all!
Talk to you later!


Elder Berryhill

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Date: Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 11:04 AM

Hi everybody!

Sorry I just sent you a message but the site "" bumped me off and erased my message grrr oh well. thats okay. I'll just paraphrase.

I love you all sooo much. I'm sorry that the message I sent you didn't go through last time. How are you all? Hows Mom and Dad? Hows your health Dad? And Mom how are ya doin? Things are going well over here. Its raining and I love it. I love rain as you can all tell:). Well did anybody get hurt when the trees fell over? Is everything alright?

Would you send me some more pictures of the family and all. That would be wonderful if you could. I gonna start e-mailing you all again I feel bad that haven't for sometime. Just wanted to let you know.

Well something awesome is gonna happen over here but I can't tell you what until afterwards but beleive me I'll tell ya when it does. Well I got to get gettin.

The church IS true. The fullness of the gospel has been revealed. How greatflul I am for that. I testify that it is true. ANYONE can know for themselves. Isn't that awesome!!! I invite all of us to share the gospel with one person this week. I promise you that you will be even happier than you are right now. The spirit of this wonderful work will permeate through you as you testify of Jesus Christ and His divine Sonship. That His church has been restored upon the earth again. I invite you to share this and promise you that you will be glad you did no matter the out come. Its Ironic almost how that we find the greastest happiness and joy from serving others and not ourselves. I would have thought it was the other way around! Heh but you know what now that I've trod alittle of that path Im glad that it is this way. I know this is true and I invite us to do this and I know that our Heavenly Father will bless us for it.

Thank you all for being my family. I really am being serious. Thank you and lets love each other tell we're black and blue (figurtively). Don't want anybody passing out that wouldn't be good:).

I love you all and hope to hear from you again and I hope you have a GREAT day! Bye.

Elder Berryhill

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

We would like to share this letter from David's Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Belnap.

Dear Parents,

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving with your son or daughter here in the Washington Kennewick Mission.

We are fast approaching the 2009 holiday season. We ask that any packages you will be sending, be mailed no later than December 8th. They may be addressed to our office at
8656 W. Gage Blvd, Suite 205
Kennewick, WA 99336
and we will forward or deliver them to your missionary. You may also mail directly to them at the address where they are living if you choose. Either method will assure the packages get to your missionary by Christmas.

Thank you,

President and Sister Belnap

(David's address is listed in the letter below.)

6 October 2009

Hey Fam!

How ya'll?!

Sorry yet another short one. Reason being that I am clearing out my inbox on

I love you all and I want you all to know that I know that this gospel is the only thing coupled with it's maker, the Savior, that can bring happiness.

I got to go.

Elder David Berryhill
4508 W. 14th Ave.
Kennewick, WA 99338

I love you all tons. Pray for me and I'll pray for you. Remember the Lord is in charge. Talk to you later.

Thanks Mom and Alisa and Dad and Sam and Krista for all you do.



Elder Berryhill

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

15 September 2009

Date: Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 11:39 AM

Hi Everybody!

Hey this will be a short one. I just wanted to let you all know that I love ya. Alot of things are happening right now. My comp is going home and who knows what I will do next like senior train or just stay junior which is fine. Well I'm glad that everything went well at the funeral. I KNOW that Uncle Larry is in a better place. I love you guys and want you to know that I know that this church is true. And thank you so much for sending those pics my way. I love ya and hope to hear from you again.

Love ya!


Elder Berryhill

Monday, August 10, 2009

August 3 and 4, 2009

To: David Berryhill (on August 3, 2009)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
*AND *
*MAMA B. :)*


August 4, 2009

Sorry ran out of time. So yeah and then I ate it but like that was soooo awesome of you guys! Its totally fine that the packages and stuff wont be here right away. I am way contempt with what all of you have given me already, you guys! And heck I've said I'd send to you pictures all this time you guys are doin way better than I am.That was way awesome you had them write "from your family :)! You guys are the best! Well the progress is a comin one step at a time And I am soo glad that I have both of you guys as parents I absoulutly could not ask for anyone better and I wouldn't either I love you guys! And that doesn't mean you are out of the equation either ALISA!:) Thank you for sendin me those incouraging letters. It means a whole lot! When I return I'll try really hard not to be a brat when I get back. I think I've got or I am getting my head on straight. Well I gots to go but I love you all soooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhand thank you all for the wonderful bithday you all participated in. You all made it what it is. thanks again! Bye!

Love Elder Berryhill :)

July 21, 2009

To Me Family

Whaaaaahooooo! Thats way awesome!!! Yay Mike! I would say and Maura but I would probably miss spell it just like that lol sorry:). Thats way wonderful. I'm way happy for you guys. Thats the best news I've heard in a long time. Well thats great! Too bad I won't be there but I guess I had it comin. Should've left sooner. Shucks *snaps fingers*. So you will totally have to send me some pics and what not. Well hows everyone else? I heard some people were takin' vacations. How was Disney Land Miff and Belinda? I heard that lots of people were visiting mom and dad's place over the past week and mike and maura came too!Well it sounds like a full house, sort of speak if ya know what I mean, hah well litterally actually. Sorry I'm a little slow sometimes. Well thats great! Things are going great over here to. We have someone that will be baptized in like 4 days. Her name is Lacey Buckingham. The gospel is ture. Over the past week or so I've learnd the importance of reading the scriptures. They give a great deal of power and knowledge if they are done unto faith as I have come to know. I always use to just read and... thats it! Yay I'm done I guess. But as I have come to realize through being backed up to a corner of faith as it were that... "What? I actually have to use this stuff?!" Its kinda funny but at the same time really sobering. I remember the first time I got down on my knees that a exceedingly sobering feeling washed over me. I realized "I'm doing this for real.". It wasn't that I didn't take it seriously its just that I guess I really didn't connect the two before. Had I not gone on my mission I don't know if I ever would have. Something so simple yet so so so so sooooo important. If we do things unto faith meaning we trust the Lord and we believe Him and we DO what we should do then we can witness a mirical. I love you all and wish you the best.

Love Elder Berryhill

July 8, 2009

Dear ya'll,

How is everyone? I'm doing pretty good over here. I've been transfered to the Kennewick East Zone(Eastern part of Kennewich). My new Companion is Elder Holgreen which pronounced sounds like Wholegrain. Anywho how is everyone? How is dad? Hows mom? Things are going well over here. I am grateful to be here. I didn't know if you knew from your viewing of those pictures of transfers but I have gotten better. In my last area the Lord helped me out a little bit and I was blessed to have Elder Lowry who helped me be a little happier which I am grateful for. Hey so how is Daniel Wolf? And how is Daniel Garcia? Is Daniel Garcia up and running? I sincerely hope so. Please let them know if they get a letter to please write me back because I really do want to talk with them and I love it when they do write back it makes the worst days worth it... hehe that goes for all of ya to me family:). Well just before I go I wanted to share something I've learned recently. You see my companion was at one time sick (he is better now and is doing great) and you know what that means we had to stay in until he was better. Well during that time I listened to John Bytheway on cd and it was great! one of the things he talked about was weeding your brain and growing you testimony! What a wonderful thing to speak on! I recommend it. This is the gist. The parable of the sower in the bible (Matthew 13) was suggested that is could actually be called the parable of the four soils. They are: THE WAYSIDE, STONY PLACES, THORNY PLACES and THE GOOD SOIL. The wayside was hardened (sound familiar?) and in Alma he says of his experience of turning from evil to good "I was harrowed up of all the sins that I have done". What is a harrow? A harrow is in essence is a plow, like in farming. Sometimes the Lord has to break us up to get to us(sound familiar? Trials tragedies etc.). In stony places it talks about in Matthew 13 how that the birds come and devour the seed(sounds like Satan). At the funeral of President Hinckley President Iring said that President Hinkely asked him poking him in the chest "what are you doing to get the gospel deep down into their hearts?" We, on our part, need to have a sincere heart but we need to HAVE REAL INTENT(have the intent of actually doing something about it). Thorny places refers to weeds we might have in our life. Cares of this world and the riches that do spoil. When we question our testimony we need to shift and question our doubts and do all that we can to NOURISH our testimony or plant good seeds. Pray, read your scriptures, and go to church. Talk with the Lord He hears you!!! And do all you can and while you are at it keep your spiritual eyes open he does answer. And the good soil you need to keep those weeds out of there and NOURISH the word or seed which is Christ. And remember anything the Lord has touched has lived. Anything the Lord touches lives. If the lord touches a marriage it lives, if he touches a family it lives, if he touches an individual they live. Please remember that! That is why Mom has us pray morning noon and night. It works I have seen it myself. I have testimony that He hears us and that He loves us. What greater comfort can you get than that? I know that this church is true and that He lives. Please if you feel inclined to share this with anyone do it. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon. Well anyway see ya!
Elder Berryhill

June 30, 2009

Hey everyone!
Quite a bit has been happening lately. And I am no less honored to stand by and with you to face it. I am greatful that Mara is doing much better off then thought to be and as Vicky put it so well it shows that the Lord does listens to our prayers and answers them. I found out Saturday that I will be transfered to the Kennewick East Zone and will be serving with an Elder Wholegain sp? I am sure that my spelling is off. I look forward to serving with him soon. Its funny that I should head back to Kennewick. Not too long ago I was there serving with my trainer. And so it would be far to say that I'll be making a complete circle. Yay! Lol. But this will be cool to see Kennewick again. The Lord always has His reasons and purposes behind whatever He does. Just some are recognized sooner than others thats all. I am so greatful to the Lord for all of you. I know sometimes I get into a preachy mode. I am sorry for that and am trying to stop that. I guess I recognize certain truths and want to share them and in the process I preach. I just want us all to be happy and safe and protected from all things that would see us to our destruction as a person and a family. And I don't know about you guys but I think that we have a pretty awesome family all of us. And I don't want to see it hurt, damaged or affected by satan in any way. I know hard things will come and things will happen to us but what I am talking about is us. May nothing come between us. May with every stroke or blow of power or infulence from satan draw us closer and stronger, firmly knitted together rather than divided asunder. I love you all and want to see you again. So I've got to do what it takes. Winstin Churchill once said "We must do our best we can but sometimes that is not enough sometimes we must do what is required" and then the Lord will come to our aid. Look forward and "Be of good cheer for the future is as bright as your faith. The gospel is true! Love you.

No Date, 2009

Dear Family.

How are you all? I hope things are going well for you back at home. Things have been really busy as everyone has said. Busy but uplifting. Yesterday, the second day I've been here, I came down with a semi bad case of fever/fatigue. Who would of thought that it would come at such a critical time. Being one of the first days of missionary training and a very spiritually sensitive time. But I'm happy to say that from that experience, of pushing myself to what seemed to be the highest peak, I"ve had to climb, that I have personally gained a testimony of my Heavenly Father's love for me and for all of his children. I know He loves me mom and dad you too Alisa :). He loves all of us. I know this is the right thing for me to do. It's funny every time I think about walking up to someone and opening my mouth I get scared a little but when I remember why I"m doing this my perspective changes and then I feel the Spirit fill me up and shew away my fears. I know this is true and I know you know it too. Well as for everyone back at home (Danie Wolf, Daniel Garcia, Tyler and Timmy and JJ). I want them to know that they are good guys. I love them and I would not say this unless I knew it was true. There are things that catch everyone's attention varying from person to person. I know everyone is different but I also know one thing that we all share and that is that we all have been distracted from time to time. We are told in our hearts that we can't do it. Please don't listen to it. Please consider the possibility that Satan knows you and knows what you can become and therefore is trying to do everything to stop you. God knows what you can become! If you are unsure it's the right thing try it! Go with the elders to teach an investigator. And I promise you if you go searching to really know if it's right you will know by the power of the Holy Ghost. I know that whatever substitute you choose will never bring you the joys and blessings that come from this work. I mean not to offend but if I have please forgive me I know of no other way to say this. Please remember that I care about you guys.

Sorry Mom and Dad I got carried away. Could ask you a favor, would you pass this along by email or copy to the said individuals? If you would do that I would be very grateful.

I love you guys. I know this is right and I look forward to completing my mission and seeing you again. Oh, hey Mom and Dad due to me being updated by vaccine and not having enough money I said that you would pay. I hope that it isn't a problem and sorry for the inconvenience. I've cause you but enclosed is a blue piece of paper with instruction on how to pay. The amount as is stated is $171. Anyway thanks for all that you do and for being there for me...I took it for granted...I"m sorry. Please forgive me. I"m sorry that I had to come all this way to realize that. I do now. I do now. Well I should go to bed now it's almost 10:40 pm. I love you all! God be with you til we meet again.
Elder Berryhill
PS. Sorry I didn't tell you about my comp. I will next time. :)

June 2, 2009

Hey guys!
I think that worked! Sorry it took so long. And that the pictures aren't greatest but now I found something that will work. I'm having a hay day! Wooop woopp! Well anyway I love you all I hope that you all have a great day!Naa! Just kidin'. I'm not finished yet lol. Hey so John and Vicky? Are they doing okay? How are you guys doing at home? I hear that Sam and Krista are going to BYU soon. So what are the plans for that? How are you guys doin with takin care of those wonderful boys? Did you know I love you guys? Sorry I like to be random somtimes:). Well right now I'm just at the library typeing away. So I guess I'll share with you something I've learned this week. okay about two weeks ago I was sitting in sacrament meeting and one of of the speakers talk about a famous motivational speaker whos name escapes me. But this famous person was asked one day by someone "what is the one thing that you would say that makes successful people successful?" He smiled and answered confidently "Doing what should be done when it should be done weather you feel like it or not." Simply Disipline. But yet powerful! This gosple is true and if we do what we know we should do we will be happier.

Love Elder Berryhill

May 26, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad,

It is good to hear from you again. Things have been going well. I am glad to hear that things are going well for the most part. How is John and Vicky right now? Are they doing ok? Well I happy for Dave and Maryanne, I hope they have a good time. Well I am going to attemp to send you somethings via e-mail. We'll see how that goes. Thank you both for you love and concern for me. It really does mean alot. I am thankful that Timmy is on his mission. I will be so glad to see him when he returns. I hope that J.J. will come back to church again. Is there anything I can do to help? What about Daniel Garcia and Tyler? How are they doing. Are they Coming to church? If not what is there that I can do to help? I will galdly do it. Well I just want you to know that this work is real and is true. There is no other work that I could be doing right now that could ever compinsate for what I am accomplishing here and now. For that which is being done is of eternal nature and therefore is of eternal consequece. I love you both and want you to know that never at any point were you failures. You have both been a light and a beacon to me in times of darkness and light. You were always the best for us... and for me to. Thank you... always. Well I hope this works. I will attemp to send you something. If that works then I'll send more. Well I love you both and I hope to hear from you again. Cya!

-Love Elder Berryhill

May 19, 2009

"Dear Mom & Dad and Family,

Hey how are you all doing? I am so glad to hear all about you... It would be even greater to hear from you:) But I understand that ya'll are busy but if you find a moment that would be great! So things are doing pretty good over here in the Vancover area (Washougal). For the past few days it has been really sunny but eventually that chain was broken with rain that came yesterday:) And right now its raining ALOT. Not to worry were fine but I'll be honest I love to see it rain... I dont know why but anywho. Oh yeah I was going to ask you, you said that Belinda has a brother out on a mission... but I was wondering who? Is Jordan? Anyway I'm glad that you told me that. Well in a week we will be seeing two people baptized and begin their journey up the path of the gospel. I am greatful that they will be able to partake in the blessings that the gosple has for them. Well I know that you wanted me to go ahead and and give you my favorite scripture. Now this isn't for sure due to this being from memory but it is either John 7 or 17:9-11 so I'm not sure but anyway there is a start yay:)! Well I need to scoot as Grandma always says. I love you all and want you all to know that I know that the gospel is true... it really is. I have no doubt of or about it! I FEEL His love for me even now.

Love Elder Berryhill

May 12, 2009

Dear family,

I am so glad that I was able to speak with all of you! I'm really sorry that I wasn't able to get a hold you of Ben. Well you know what this means... next time your next up first muhahahaw!:) Hehe not like calling you first is a bad thing but I got to add a little fun into it if you know what I mean:). Well things are rolling along day by day. I am so glad to hear that Maria is do better Vicky. Not too long ago we received instruction that would prepare us against the virus. In a little over a week from its initail breakout in Mexico it had spread up to Seattle Washington. But thank Father in Heaven it is going down now and hopefully it will stay that way. I pray and hope that she will continue to get better as well. How is everyone? I heard that President Clark has been released. Is he alright? I hope he is okay. When I first read President Brad Thompson I thought to myself heyyy I've seen that name before. Then it clicked! Thats wonderful that he has been called to that position. He will do wonderfully as he always does. But I hope that President Clark is okay. Is he? Well I better get going. It was so wonderful to hear from you all. I love you all and want you to know that you strengthen me everyday and I do feel your prayers. I know that our savior lives and oh what comfort that truly gives! The gospel is true everybody! And with such a wonder message how can we not share this? This is important, this is true, this is eternal and is the only thing on the face of this earth that is worth every ounce of effort that is required for from it will sprout out eternity. Of this I bear testimony in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

-Love Elder Berryhill

April 28, 2009

Hey ya'll

How are you all doing? Good I hope!:) Well things are going pretty good over here in Vancouver its a little cloudy though and rainy but that adds all the more. Well we have 3 people on date and things are looking good. Possibly 2 more. Not too much more than that oh and Mother's day is coming up yay! How is everyone? Well sorry this is so short. I just want you to know that I know that this gospel is true and I know it with all my heart and I mean it. Well got to go. Love ya!

Love Elder Berryhill

April 21, 2009

Hey Mom,

It is so good to hear that both you and dad and the rest of the family are doing alright. Well thought I'd mention that the Vancover area is quite nice... but reguardless and still love home aka my family and California :). So what else is going on? That is so exciting that Ethan is getting baptized! I really appricated (spelling?) dad that you and Ethan wrote on e-mail! Thats was so cool to hear from my nephew and from you to Dad :). I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lately I've had before my mind that of the premortal world and with that the realization that comes along with it that this is a test and that there is behind all the temptations and glory and power of the world absoulutely nothing but hot air. There may be that self fullfiling moment which brings temporary satisfaction but as sure as the sun will rise and set so will the consequences that are insperatly connected to the choices of sin come. I know that this is true! It is my hope that all of us not fall victum to the victous brutality of sin but follow the Savior in the inffinately charitable and wonderfully constructed plan for all of us! We are brothers and sisters in this world, in a world of confusion, strife, malce, contention and suffering. He is our Eldeist Brother! He holds the light that illuminates the dark casisums of time to show us the way to salvation and exaltation, to Him and our Heavenly Father. May we all be there together some day is my undying wish. All of us. So let us cling to all rightiousness. Look to Him and and follow Him in faith. And like the pioneers of old when we can't seem to go on anymore, when the bitter cold sets in and the wind blows relentlessly and even our very strength fails us KNOW that the Lord is right there beside you, ready to bear you up should you fall, for He loves you and know that this must be done. You, ALL of you, have been such a wonderful example to me each in his or her own way. Each exibiting characteristics and strenghts that I hope someday I will acheive. I love all and this I leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ amen.P.S. Mom or Alisa if you would Like you can go ahead and share this e-mail with others. I want them to know that know that this is true. and please share this with Daniel. Love ya lots:).

-Love Elder Berryhill

April 14, 2009

Hey Mom and everybody!!!

Hey so how are you guys doing? Hey sorry about that last e-mail I was running out of time but I meant to finish so to finish... I was just hopping that someone would please share the testimony I sent to you and if you would also remind him of the promise he made. Please tell him that this will not be something that he will regret. I love you all for the wounderful family that you are. Each and everyone of you play such an wonderful in this family and in my life! My family would not be the same with you! I just wanted to let you know that I know that this church is true and that there is no other way to gain happiness, joy and true sastisfaction for the life that we live unless we live the gospel and share it! Something I've learned while on my mission is that you can not grow unless you leave your comfort zone. Also what president Uthouf (spelling?) said "luckily enough we can start right where we are" Oh how glad I am to hear those words! We do not need to be perfect or have everthing lined up just right we can start now, we can start here. And with the kind words Mom taught me while in my youth "there is no chance no fate no destiny that can circumvent hinder or control the firm reslove of a determined soul". I am comforted to know this but even more so to know that my savior lives! To know the plan of salvation. You are my family having gone on my mission has brought to me a sobering relization. That I could be seporated from my family. Of corse I knew about but didn't really hit until just then when I got on that twin turbo prop air plane and they started up the engeins and procceded to turn us about straightway down the runway. Then it hit me. There is a chance I might not see them for quite a while. But being out here has helped me understand something... IF I hold true THEN everything will be alright... everything will be alright. I know that that is true and I take eternal comfort in it. Well I need to get goin but I love you all so much and know that the gospel IS true! Well until next time so long. Love ya!

-Love Elder Berryhill

No Date, 2009

Hey Mom and Everybody!

How are things for everyone? Things are doing good over here. I'm being transfered to the Van South area. In response to your question you asked in your last letter Mom we do get the ensign thank Father in Heaven. I look forward to being able to read it next month. as a matter of fact that was the gist that was going on in my head... "man I'm really slow at taking notes... good thing its coming out in the ensign" *sighs* :). Well when I read that Daniel Wolf said "maybe" about going on a mission it drew my mind back to right before I left for my mission. We were talking, right after the eagle court of honor in the cultural hall (spelling?), and some how got on to the subject or at least in part about going on a mission and he said and pardond me but I can not recall the exact wording but here: someone asked me about when I'd come home and to this question I responded " around November -December" and Daniel Wolf commented "So we'll be about a year apart from seeing each other" at this I cocked my eyebrow. Huh? I thought to myself. I asked what he meant and he responded "when I go on my mission". Now don't get me wrong I'm not at all in anyway trying to condemn him only to remind him that he said he would. Daniel is a good man and I know it. I've seen it in him. I've worked with him for a time in which I learned from. There were times when I would rest from work and he would continue. I would learn from him. I know he can serve no... I testify he can! Daniel Garcia also is a good man I've seen it in him. There is the good and that which the Lord has placed in all of us... our spirits. We see it and feel it everyday. When we progress in the things of this world, temporal things, we feel better about ourselves and temporally happy in the thing(s) we've accomplished. Like wise when we accomplish things of spirital or eternal nature we experence a profoundly greatful and and exsqwisit joy far beyond the ordinary. Nothing at thins time that we can do at this age can compinsae for the faliure of not goning on a mission if we have the chance. this is my testimony in the name of Jesus Chrsit amen

April 10, 2009

Dear All,
Here are the most current transfer pictures of David's mission. He is in several of them. Thought if you had time you might like to see them. Thank each of you and your families for your prayers and faith for and in David. Love, Mama B. :) (Fran :))

No Date, 2009

Hey Mom!

Hey I am sorry that I didn't respond to you last time as I ought to have. I am very grateful that those packages did arive. As for what they are and what this is all about they are things I didn't need and I feel confident that I will in fact not need them for the remaining duration of my mission. As for the last letter you sent me via e-amil I feel horribly. You don't have to say sorry or anything I just wanted to in a light manner ask if everyone would be so kind as to write every now and then when conveinent (spelling?). Thank you so much for all you do Mom! I appoligize for not sending the pictures yet. Have you received my letters yet? They should have some pictures in them. One of those letters is addressed to Ben but was sent to you. Would it be possible if you could forward it to him in Utah? If you would that would be so kind. I thank you for you kindness and unwavering support. I dont thank you enough... Thank you:) I just wanted to say Mom and everybody that I know that Jesus is the Christ the son of God, that He came here on earth to suffer for ME and just as He came for me He came here for YOU to. And the next time you feel like giving up think about what He went through for you, to be here, to be happy, to feel at peace, to be at peace, to be clean, to have joy, to know Him, to be let back into His presence once again. Oh the grace, the truth, the mercy of or Lord! Are we without? No! We are encircled about in the arms of His love which love never fails, never ceases. But let us not forget our part for we have a ciritical role to play here while in this mortal body. So as it is said in Doctrine and Covenants "...not backward but forward, onward to victory ...". I love you all and wish you the best. I want you, all of you, to know that I love you very very much. I hope you'll forgive for being a brat (Sam, Alisa, Mom, Dad they expecially know what I'm talking about). So I hope you'll forgive me and I love you guys. The Gospel is true! Well I guess I'll talk to you later!

-Love Elder Berryhill

March 31, 2009

Dear Mom,

Thanks Mom so much for the support you've given me and still do give me. Thank you for your kindness. How is Grandma? Sounds like things are getting a little harder over there. Is there anything I can do to help? I try to remember to pray for you and grandma and the whole family every night. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Please let grandma know I love her and that I think about her everyday. How is Alisa? How are you? Are you guys holding up well? I just wanted to let you know that I love you guys and grandma but more importantly that the Lord loves you and grandma. He lives and cares for each of us and not matter what he will be there for you... I know to be true myself:). Well I hope that you guys will be safe over there and I wish you the best. Well I've got to get going. Love ya all! Hope to hear from you all again and thanks again!

-Love Elder Berryhill

March 31, 2009

Dear All,

Here are pictures of Elder (David) Berryhill from a sweet member in Davie's mission. Thought you might like to see them. Mama B. :) ( Fran)


Your son sent me your e-mail address. I asked him probably a month ago and he couldn't remember yours but I think today he thought to send it to me.
I am Sister Cole famous for taking pictures and sending them to parents. Here is where you can go to see your son and all the other missionaries that are in his mission only around The Dalles and me.

# is just a starting place. This is where he arrived in The Dalles. Go back one to the opening page and see other pictures. He is also in the last KennewickMissionaries folder too.
Dates are when they had transfers. First week in April is a transfer day coming up. If he comes I will take some more pictures. I will also forward some other things for you.
He is the best. He is doing fine. A little shy for around here but I am sure he will warm up. Elder Jacox is a perfect companion to him as far as I can see. They do well together. Love his smile.
Hope to hear from you.

Barbara, The Dalles, Ore ~Kennewick, WA Mission
MM to Quinton Cole CA-SBER Mission~Rancho Cucamonga, CA 6/07-09
RMS Scotland

March 17, 2009

Hey mom could you share this with all that you feel would need it? I just wanted to say that if you are having a hard time going on your mission, and know if you are but if you are, I know that God will help you go on a mission if you ask Him and thatHe will bless you for it and that that blessing will continue to eco down through the casims of life which will make you glad and bowie you up during tough times. I've only been out here for 4-5 months and I can already tell that the blessings I recieve from day to day are not of no eternal consquence. He loves all of us so much that he is excitedly waiting to do what He has asked of us so that He can Poure out blessing upon us that we will not have enough room to recive it. I hope I haven't crossed any bounderies I didn't mean to offend in anyway I just wanted to share my testimony that the Lord wont let you leave the mission empty handed. Love ya man. I guess I'll talk to you later

-Love Elder Berryhill

March 10, 2009

Dear Family,

How is everyone? I'm doing well. Well I'm bummed that nobody has written me or has been writing me *snuffs* naa just kinddin! But I sure would like to hear from you guys through! Well things have goin pretty good over here. Hey so I heard that J.J. started coming back to church! And that Timmy got his mission call! My goodness thats awesome! I am so greatful that the Lord answered our prayers. Hey umm... so how is everybody? Hey I'm going to try to send my pictures but no promises I just hope it works... yup ok well hope it works love ya! Gospel is true!

Love Elder Berryhill

March 3, 2009 (2nd letter)

Dear family , Good golly I wrote a letter to you and the computer booted me off grrr hehe oh well. Just another test thats what I said. I just wanted to say I how greatful I am for what was said and what you have all told me. About mom, about my friends, Grandma Lawson. Things are working out and miricles are happening. And I know that it is NOT a coinseident! I prayed, we all prayed that these things would work out and they have! Some times things don't work out like we want them to but remember these two things 1 remember this time how the Lord answered our prayers and is answering them and 2 remember in the scritures that it say in D&C (6-10) in one of these sections it states Be patient my son for it is Wisdom in me. Some times we don't know why things happen the way they do but God does and he loves us and cares for and about us and has prepared a way for all of us to be happy TOGETHER. That this isn't the end! I think of how fast things go on my mission (lightning speed) and how fast this life goes and that it will be gone before you know it. We taught someone yesterday about the plan of salvation and I bore testimony about our life here on earth and that how crule it would be if God sent us here to just live and then die and thats it or if there were no God then our purpose here would be bleak pointless and oh how awefull I feel with out a purpose! I know what it feels like and I hate it I'm sure know that feeling to. Well time is almost up. God lives and he loves us ALL of us and I know he answers prayers as He did mine. And I offer this my humble but furvent testimony that these things are true in the name of Jesus Chrsit

March 3, 2009

I'm soory but I have to write very fast. I love you all so much you have no idea. I know that God lives Jesus is the Christ. I know he Lives and that he answers prayers. He did mine this Day I love you all!!!

February 24, 2009

Hey yall! Hows it going? Well I'm being transfered from Kennewick to The Dalles in Oregon. They say it's pretty there and that there are alot of trees. I hope that its pretty green too. There area I am serving in is the "Ridgeview" and "Windsong" wards serving with Elder Poll. It kind of desterty with hills as well. I can send you a picture of what its like. Well thats way cool whats going on with everybody. Thanks Mom for sharing that story "Our Deliverence From Debt" I really appreicated that. Well it sounds like everybody's pretty busy. Hope that everything is going good. Well I love you all and thanks for the updates mom on everybody. Well I guess I'll talk to you all later.

-Love Elder Berryhill

February 17, 2009

Hey Family!, Yo everybody! whats going on? Well from the last letter a TON of crazy stuff is sounds like has been going on another testiment to me that the Lord fulfills His promises and that those that serve that there loved ones will He bless and he who serves. Thats wonderful news that Timmy got his mission call!!! I new he would go on a mission I just new!!! How is Daniel Wolf and Daniel Garcia doing? Thanks Mom for telling me about them I really do appericate it:) Hows J.J. too? Well thats cool ok so I wont send the chip I'll see if the mission president will ok me useing the members computer and send it to you. If not then I'll just print them off at Wal-mart and send them or send them through Wal-mart. Its wonderful to hear that all the family is doing well. I hope that Grandma Lawson and Berryhill will get better. Its interesting that both of them got the same thing close to the same time. Hey good news though this past week two miricals happened. Ok last week we decided to drop by someone we have been trying to see for sometime and was never home. This time they were home. We shared a spiritual thougtht and said our good byes and left. About a day or so later we got this phone call from the less active person we had periviously visited. He said that his girlfriend had a question or two about somethings and wanted to meet with us so a day or so later we came and droped by had a meeting. She told us that she was once a member of the Lutherine faith but rarely paid attention. After some time later she became Athiest(dont know if I spelled that right but one who doesn't believe in God). One day she decided to buy some church matterial. A month later she was having a real hard time and to get her mind off of things she went to go and check the mail and she found the dvds church matterials in the mail. About another month later she was again having a hard time and just sat down and got out two words to the less active member and immediately there was a knock at the door it was us and our exchange. These two things or events that happened weren't by chance and she knew it that is why she had this meeting that is way she called us up that is what she told us and we saw it. That Heavenly Father would in her greatest time of need would send something someone to help her with her problems and signal her and bid her come unto Him is what effected her the most. I know that because she told us that. To know that if we had come at another time it may not have availed anything. I remember walking to that appiontment just another appiontment nothing signicante... right? She has know decided to take the lessons. She has bought a quad and book of Mormon aids to help her understand and dvds and has been watching them even before our first visit and in her very own words said "I'm hungering after it." She doesn't believe in God but after these events her belief has seemed to have been shaken unto truely questioning yeah even unto searching for as she has said "I hunger for it". The other is one who has had the lessons before some 4 years ago and has just recently been releasted from prision. For a short while we have tried to catch her while at home and have our appiontment to teach. One day we droped by for our appiontment which we schedule with her and she was not home. We tried back again and she was there. We taught her the first lesson. While teaching I experienced something I had never before felt or experenced. While teaching it seemed as though the things and principles I was teaching were somehow... being lifted up and directed towards her. That may sound strange but hmm... ok try this... sometimes I have a hard time to teach and applying and directing it to them personally Im not sure why. But this time I could feel the infulence of the spirit not so much bowe me up but my words and directing them to help her and apply to her. I've been trying to better my teaching skills or better my choice of words not of me but directed of the spirit and I dont know why but its difficult almost like catching a hocky puck on slippery ice with no skates. But that time I could feel the spirit in the eternal sceme of things bowe me up of which I am very thankful for. She has been put on date for which we can hardly wait and I know it is the Lord that doeth it. Well I love you all and it is a wonderful thing to see the Lords hand in all things from my place her in the Washington Kennewick Mission in seeing Him bless all of you and us here also. It's ineresting the past few weeks I've noticed something. In the past satan has tried to pull me down some days and others its fine but we go on. Looking back I see those hard times were just before the Lord was about to poure out His blessings in some way and in something we really needed or something we had prayed for. I have a testimony that prayer does work that He does answer prayers and He is mindful of us... all of us. He loves us and wants to bless us but if we do not hold out faithful He can not bless us he must retain it. How it sorrows me to disappiont my Heavenly Father. May we always be faithful and stand firm in the station where with the Lord has entrusted us is my prayer. I love you all and hope to hear from you all soon. I guess I'll talk to you all later. Love ya!-

Love Elder Berryhill

February 11, 2009

Dear All,
Thank you for your prayers. :)

Hey guys, How are you? Hey things are doing pretty good. Well the usual is goin on. Lots of crazy things are goin on back home it sounds like. Well I was hoping that I would be able to send you some pictures but from the looks of things this being the second atempt has once again flopped. I've got the things except the computers we're using are the church's or the public library's both of which are computers that aren't mine so I can't install programs on them. So I was thinking what if I were to send you my memory card and and the cd or program that goes along with it and I believe that with the printer that we have at home will be able to read it. And if we did it that way if we had another memory card that I had I could use that one while you guys take the pictures off the other one that I would send you. So kind of a rotating thing. If you could get back to me on that next time that would be great and if you could tell me if that is something you want to do.Thanks mom for telling me whats going on back at home. I hope everyone is doing well."May my Lord give grace equall to my day" -President Wilford WoodruffWell I'd love to hear from everybody(family) :) and also my friends too piticularly Daniel Wolf and Daniel Garcia and Timmy Garcia. But I do understand that everyone is busy but I'd still love to hear from everybody. Well at this time not too much is going on just trying to step it up with the invetagators we have to challenge to make a step of faith and to move out of their comfort zone. Well anyway please tell J.J. that I'm really happy that he's going "ITT tech"... I think thats what it is... well trade school anyway but yeah I think that's something that I might look into too but that I really really really encourage him to go to church and if not that then read the scriptures first and then go to church it's really super super important and to pray to. And if you could ask him to write me. Well thats great whats going on. Well the gospel is true and I love you guys. somethings I leared this week were about faith or the step of faith. As it says in the bible "be cold or hot but if ye be luke warm I will spew you out" we have that many of our investagators match this that they are not willing to fully commit that they have one foot in Zion and one in mammon. My mind is once again drawn towards the things I've been taught in my youth to seminary. I remember mom taking out two pieces of masking tape and laying them on the floor in the shape of a v having the two draw towards each other until they met in the middle. She had us walk from the bottom of the v to the edges and see how far we could walk until we had to choose one side or the other. Talk about doing the splits :). We had district meeting yesterday and one elder said something that caught my interest and it was "doubt not thy confidence" this is the name of a talk given at a devotional given by one of the twelve. Now contrary to what you might think at first but this is reffering to the answer(s) given from the Lord in response to our prayers. One qoute that I really like is "rarely are our prayers answered while on our knees" and sometimes it will be a long time before our prayers are answered but as it is said in "restoration" "the Lord does answer Joseph. He answers in His own time and in His own way... but He does answer." I hope that these excerpts are of benefit to you all and I hope I'm not rambling. I just hope these things may be of benefit to you in some way or at some future point and time. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon.

-Love Elder Berryhill

February 3, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad... And Family!,

Wow! thats crazy! Did all that just come up recently? I had no idea about all that stuff. Thats crazy! Is everyone doing good? Is Dad doing good... Are you doing good? I you said that you were still recovering from an illness which I pressume is the same illness that Dad was reffering to some few letters ago. Please do all that you can to get better mom. I know that you busily engaged in good works but please take the time to take care of yourself. Dad is all well with you? I heard that you just had some growths removed and are recovering. Please dont do anything that might hurt you on account of that. But of corse if my pleading demands are rediculess (not sure on spelling) and you are doing fine then I guess just ignore them. How are you guys? How is everyone doing? Thanks Mom for the updates:)! Sounds like a whole lot is going on... A whole BUNCH:). Well I hope that Emily gets better shes been through a lot. But sounds good that they've found another medication for her:). Hope that works out. Sounds like Grandma Niece is doing better. Hopfully she'll be walking the halls in no time. Everytime I think of Grandma Neice I think of how she reminds me of you. Both you and Grandma Niece Cheer up my soul everytime I think of you. I am sooo greatful of the family and the parents I have. I WOULD NOT trade them for anything or anyone! Not in the world or for the world. I would so like to help Alisa in her class. I can remember long ago asking Alisa (I being about 6 years old) if I could come with her to visit in her class and help her. I find my self yet again in that same prediciment. I wish that there was some way that I might say as it says in Alma 32:27. I mean I'm not perfect I'll tell ya that right now. I just wish that they knew what I learned at the MTC.Time is too short to pass up eternity and when you realize that eternity has been passed up it'll be too late. My challenge to you is to take this opportunity right now this very moment when you shall hear this and test it. Read the scriptures! Pray about them! Enestly show the Lord by your dilligence what you are willing to do to know it! Don't waste a second no not one! Don't put it off thats what I did and I almost missed it! Its not worth tarding in all that time and joy that you could have had once again being reunited with your loving Heavenly Father for something else in this world... for anything else in this world! When I say this please do not be offended. Please know that I say this in all sincerity and love although I do not know you. I plead with you listen to what I've said. If you don't want to listen to me then listen to them, the prophets. If you don't want to take my word for it then take His. He will answer.Hey sorry about that I got carried away:). I dont know if you want to share what I wrote. Just thought you might like it. If you want to share it with you seminary class that would be awesome. Go ahead and share this with everyone else you feel inclined if you like. But of course your call:). Well anyway just thought I'd share that little bit hope I didn't go over board just want to help. Anyway I love you all with all my heart. You guys are the best! Well any way I guess I'll talk to you guys later And thanks for the updates sounds like a lot of crazy stuff is happening but remember the Lord is in control. The gospel is true! Love ya! Bye.

-Love Elder Berryhill

P.S. I hope you dont mind but I was hoping to withdraw some money from the account. Somewhere around $30-$35 for ctr ring if that alright.

P.S.S. Hey mom I'm doing good not freezing and I'm good with blankets. also doing good health wise.

Love your son David.

January 27, 2009

Hey ya! Sorry but really I wrote a super awesome letter but the computer lost it so... yeah grrr. Hey but guess what the gospel is true and I love you guys!!! thats the most important thing! hey I love you all and thank you for writing me it means a lot. how are things going up there at home? how is everyone. how are my friends what are they up to. Did you know I love you all!? Guess what. I do! Well I guess I'll talk to you guys later on account of me being out of time love ya and you are all awesome!!!

-Love Elder Berryhill

January 27, 2009

Letter from David Berryhill Fwd: Note from Mama B. :) Wolves

That is so awesome! We are teaching an native american and he told us that story last week! The Lord works in mysteious ways. Hey I love you mom oh and the amount I took out was $630. Thank you mom thanks dad for setting up that account it has helped alot. I got a bike now. Love ya and thank you for your support.


Love Elder Berryhill

Two Wolves
One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, "My son, the battle is between two 'wolves' inside us all. One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. "The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed." *

January 13, 2009

Hey Mom and Dad and...

Everybody! How are things going? I've just finished reading everybodies emials and they were great!!! Sadly I have only 15 minutes... So I got type speedily fast :). Ok so lots of stuff is going on here. Ok here we go... right now the temperture is like 50 to 60 degrees outside almost all the snow has melted. ok the crazy story behind that is that they have what they call chinnocks you know like the Cannadians nick name if you dont know what I mean then ask Sam he know what I mean. The reason I say that is that they are(the nick name and Chinnocks) are pronounced the same way. Anyway so the "chinnock" is a powerful and warm wind that comes in from off the coast. And boy I tell ya it was powerful. And it brought up the temperture from 2 degrees to 60 in one day! Hehe so ya I'm doing good and it actually kinda warm boarderline hot here so yup:) The work is going forth and it is a testiment to me of faith. Everytime we start to slow down and slack in something we recognize it and correct it and do so in faith and also obedience and every single time we have witenessed the Lords hand go forth before us and prepare the way! It is something you have to see and experence for yourslef hehe but I think I'm preaching to the choir :) Well today we going to be doing some service in an adjacent city that is experencing flooding. We will be putting up sand bags so this will be cool :). Hey Mom I was wondering if it would be alright if I could withdraw some funds from the account that we put together prior to my mission. I was hoping somewhere from $500 to $650 which would be for my bike and if it is alright with you and Dad some things from the book store, they happen to have one here, kind of like the cummoraih book store in Modesto. But if not thats alight I'll live :). But anyway thank you all so much for what everyone has done. Thanks Mike, Sam & Krista for taking the time to write me out of your busy schedule! Thanks Alisa and Mike for the wonderful advice that you have both given me! Thank you Mom for telling me a little bit about what is going on with everybody it means a lot but I dont want to make you feel like you have to only if you want oh thanks for your wonderful testimony at the end of ecah:). Thanks Joe and Juile for the blog! Thank you Dad for your letters they really do mean a lot! Thanks Ben for your conversation on the phone it was way fun to talk to you lol you make me laugh:). Thanks John and Vicky for talking with me on the phone I loved talking with you guys and thanks John for your testimony! Thank Joe for you advice! Thanks Maryanne and Dave for talking with me on the phone sorry Dave you were or are still sick hope you feel better! I head you went skiing Whoop whoop! Thats way cool I bet Ethan did great! How did Ethan enjoy the Thomas story? Mat and Belinda thank you for all you guys have done hehe and thanks for the green beans lol you guys make me laugh:)! I think I've got everyone. I love you all so much thank you for you support it means a lot! God lives! Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God! This is His church and His power and athority has once again been restored upon the earth. The gospel is true! I know that God loves me and if you dont know that for yourself you to can know that He loves YOU. I love you everybody! Thanks for your prayers! They help! Well got to go. Love you all and hope to hear from you soon.
Love ya!-

Love Elder Berryhill

January 6, 2009

Dear All,

Here is David's latest letter. For those who are not his brothers or sisters. If you wish you can email us and we can print it out and send it on to him as he is only able to email and receive email from immediate family. Thanks for wanting to hear from David.
Mama B. :) (Fran)

Hey Mom and Dad!

How are you guys? Well things are going well here in the Washington Kennewick Mission. How is everyone? How are my friends? How is Sugar? Is she still crazy as ever? :) Hey well I just wanted to write you guys and share with you a little bit of what is going on here and what I've learned. Right now we are teaching two people and are tracting for more. I can see the Lord's hand in the work and also in my life. I can feel Him in my prayers. I can feel His protective influence come over me. I know He is looking after me. Hehe also He makes sure that I am well fed... which makes me happy:). Something I've learned while I've been out here is the realality of the promises of having charity. In the past week we were out tracting. Now just so you know everytime we go out tracting, I don't know why, I don't want to do it even though the past time at the end of tracting I liked it. I have found this pattern to be consistent in the refferal center at the MTC. Back to tracting, one day while we were tracting we came to one and I was up, it was my turn, and I didn't want to do it but I did. I remember distinctly that I choose to love that person even though I didn't know him. As I did so the feeling of being scared simply went away as though it were washed away. He was not interested but coming on this mission I've come to learn that you must understand that they are not the only investagators. You are to. I bear you my testimony that charity never faileth. Perfect love casteth out all fear as it did mine. How do we know that a thing is true? Test it. How shall we know that it is of God? Ask "does it invite to do good?". I know that this gospel is true and that there is no other way nor name given whereby man may be saved unless it be through Jesus Christ. I know this is true because I've tested it. I'm exersieing the gospel in my life everyday. And I've learned that I could've done it before. I will continue to do so and encouarge and invite all to do the same. Well anyway hey Mom I was wondering would you be willing to send this to my friends and everyone else that you would like to send to? Would you also ask the family and my friends to write me:) If you would I would so very much appericiate it. But if not that fine to:) Well I got to go. But I love you ALL so very much. Thank you for being there it reakky does mean alot. Well got to go.
Love ya!-

Love Elder Berryhill

December 30, 2008

Dear All,

I am forwarding this as David requested. David is on a mission for two years in Kennewick, Washington. The Lord has greatly blessed him and us. May God's greatest blessings be to you and yours now and in eternity. Love, Mama B. :) (Fran Berryhill)

Date: Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 12:02 PM

Hey guys its wonderful to hear from you once again. Thank you Mom for the last sentence of encouragement in your most recent e-mail. It brings me comfort to just as it did then. I feel that I am only just now becoming aware of the blessings and the sacrifices asscoiated with accepting this call. Thank you all for the support you have so selflessly given. Those few weeks before I left were the most vulnerable. Thank you. Well how are things at home? I heard that they are assembling the building. How are you feeling? Are you both in good health? What about Grandma and Grandpa? How is everyone and what are they up to? Well if it is all right I would like to share something I have learned. I have learned the importance of unity. If you could imagin for a moment a triangle. Christ is at the head and both companions at the bottom. This best illistrates how that we work together to become like Christ and become of one mind and one heart with Him. However there is one element that is not appearent in this illistration. That is the holy ghost. While I was at the MTC we had for our devotional Elder Jeffery R. Holland speak to us. He spoke of every companionship that if there were a two some there was a three some and if there were a three some there was a foursome. Why? That is because of the Holy Ghost. He said... "You do not go anywhere, say anything or do anything until you have the Holy Ghost with... When you do remember you have a member of the Godhead with you!". Having the spirit with you is paramount! I can not stress that enough. We must understand the lanuage and the customs of the spirit. For there are things in other countries's customs that offened others so it is with the spirit. Getting along with you companion helps the spirit and the work roll along. Well I have to go. I love you all so much and I hope that you enjoy this wonderful thing as much as I did. If you could pass this along, this thing I've shared, that would be great!
Love all. Talk to you later.

Love Elder Berryhill

December 13, 2008

Letter from Elder Berryhill Forwarded

Dear Alisa,

Hey, how are you. How are things going at home? Well, at the MTC was pretty cool and fun. Yup, you were right about the MTC - everyone is busy. Always something to do. The MTC was awesome. The first week here in Kennewick has been a challenge but in a good way. Learning to be strong, diligent. Too to be obedient. It has been interesting I can feel the Lord's influence and protecting power surround me as I go about His work. From day to day it has been a testimony to me. About the mission here, the people here seem to be more receptive than those from California. It is a little cold here and there is a slight chance of snow. My companion is Elder Poll but pronounced "Paul". In this mission 70% of the missionaries live with members, which is awesome! And like 40-50% of the missionaries use cars which I believe is due to the vast region it covers. President and Sister Belnap are awesome. I really respect them. They are kind and firm and set a really good example. Remember "every member a missionary"? Well, President Belnap, is every member a missionary president. They have really embraced the work here and it is really helping a lot. Well, please do tell about what is going on at home. I'd love to know. Well tell everyone I love them and that I hope that I hear from them ALL :) soon. Thanks for always being there. Talk to you later.
Elder Berryhill

PS David is not suppose to receive emails from those outside the family. However, if you wish to write him you may email us and we can mail it to him. Or there is a site called dear that will (if you set up an account) receive your email and mail is for you. The only things is you would need to pay them for the postage. So you may email us if you wish and we will send it on. So I am rewriting this and sending it out (no temptation then to break the mission rules :)). So you can email us if you wish. Thanks. Fran (Mama B. :)

November 21, 2008

Dear All,

Daddy and I just came back from Southern California. Daddy had meetings their for TID. We received this letter from David and wanted to send it on to everyone. Love to All.

Dear Family,

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't sent any letters lately. I hope everything is going well back home. Well time to update you all. My first companion was Elder Madson but unfortunately he decided to go home. There were some concerns he had about his family but don't get the wrong idea he was a good guy. It's just that he probably was not ready yet. My new companion is Elder Peterson. He is a good guy to...wait I mean Elder. Sorry I have a bad habit of calling everybody dude or guy etc. But for Elders or Sisters you should call them just that because that helps to retain in remembrance the sacred nature of your calling which is not to be taken lightly. I also learned the meaning of the word Elder. It means defender of righteousness and this applies to the sisters as well. Hey, just curious but did you receive my letters? In the letters I have received from you it didn't seem like you had read them yet. But anyway I think it's time I tell you about my district. OK, we have Elder Smith and Elder Winkly (District leader, Senior comp) elder Rosequest and Elder Clanser, Elder Berryhilll and Elder Peterson (senior comp and junior comp) Sisters Row and Oriley and Sisters Higens and Depise. I've grown so close to these Elders and Sisters here. They are like family. Well there have been so many quotes given and profound statements made here that I am certain the Lord is working with us. that and the fact that we can feel the Spirit is a plus :). Family I love you Mom you are awesome. Thanks for writing me, Dad you're on of the most selfless persons I know. Thank you so much for sacrificing for me to be here! Actually both of you have! Thank you so much! And Alisa! :) You know I"m so glad that you treated me like a brother even though sometimes I didn't act like one. You are the best! Seriously :). I really do hope that everybody will be OK while I'm gone. I really do love you guys. Hey I'd love to hear from everyone and friends too! I got Felicia's letter too. Would you let her know I said thanks. So how did Thanksgiving go? Sorry this letter is rather choppy it is because I have been writing a little everyday. Oh, before I forget I wanted you to know that the first Tuesday here at the MTC we had Elder Jeffery R. Holland speak to us about first devotional. It was powerful, straight to the point! It was good. He didn't sugar coat it, he told us how it is. Oh another thing just to confirm what many Elder or missionaries have been saying, Yes, you do get bad gas from the food you eat at the MTC. Sorry Mom I just had to tell ya :). Would you please have Daniel W., Daniel G., Tyler G., Timmy G. and JJ Wolf to please write me? If you would that would be wonderful!!

So I heard that Dad is working on the building. That is awesome. That will be so cool when I come back and the building is there wahoo oo! Thanks for writing those letters they mean a lot. It is November 27th and it is Thanksgiving! We were able to do service today. It was awesome! We put together first aid kits and several times we sang songs. It was awesome.

Anyway I love you guys. I'll mail this off right away. Love you all.
Happy Thanksgiving. Hope to hear from you soon.

Elder Berryhill

PS Thank you so much for paying the fees for the shots. Thanks for being my family.
Love You!!!!

David's first letter, November 19, 2008

Dear Family.

How are you all? I hope things are going well for you back at home. Things have been really busy as everyone has said. Busy but uplifting. Yesterday, the second day I've been here, I came down with a semi bad case of fever/fatigue. Who would of thought that it would come at such a critical time. Being one of the first days of missionary training and a very spiritually sensitive time. But I'm happy to say that from that experience, of pushing myself to what seemed to be the highest peak, I"ve had to climb, that I have personally gained a testimony of my Heavenly Father's love for me and for all of his children. I know He loves me mom and dad you too Alisa :). He loves all of us. I know this is the right thing for me to do. It's funny every time I think about walking up to someone and opening my mouth I get scared a little but when I remember why I"m doing this my perspective changes and then I feel the Spirit fill me up and shew away my fears. I know this is true and I know you know it too. Well as for everyone back at home (Danie Wolf, Daniel Garcia, Tyler and Timmy and JJ). I want them to know that they are good guys. I love them and I would not say this unless I knew it was true. There are things that catch everyone's attention varying from person to person. I know everyone is different but I also know one thing that we all share and that is that we all have been distracted from time to time. We are told in our hearts that we can't do it. Please don't listen to it. Please consider the possibility that Satan knows you and knows what you can become and therefore is trying to do everything to stop you. God knows what you can become! If you are unsure it's the right thing try it! Go with the elders to teach an investigator. And I promise you if you go searching to really know if it's right you will know by the power of the Holy Ghost. I know that whatever substitute you choose will never bring you the joys and blessings that come from this work. I mean not to offend but if I have please forgive me I know of no other way to say this. Please remember that I care about you guys.

Sorry Mom and Dad I got carried away. Could ask you a favor, would you pass this along by email or copy to the said individuals? If you would do that I would be very grateful.

I love you guys. I know this is right and I look forward to completing my mission and seeing you again. Oh, hey Mom and Dad due to me being updated by vaccine and not having enough money I said that you would pay. I hope that it isn't a problem and sorry for the inconvenience. I've cause you but enclosed is a blue piece of paper with instruction on how to pay. The amount as is stated is $171. Anyway thanks for all that you do and for being there for me...I took it for granted...I"m sorry. Please forgive me. I"m sorry that I had to come all this way to realize that. I do now. I do now. Well I should go to bed now it's almost 10:40 pm. I love you all! God be with you til we meet again.
Elder Berryhill
PS. Sorry I didn't tell you about my comp. I will next time. :)