Monday, August 10, 2009

No Date, 2009

Hey Mom!

Hey I am sorry that I didn't respond to you last time as I ought to have. I am very grateful that those packages did arive. As for what they are and what this is all about they are things I didn't need and I feel confident that I will in fact not need them for the remaining duration of my mission. As for the last letter you sent me via e-amil I feel horribly. You don't have to say sorry or anything I just wanted to in a light manner ask if everyone would be so kind as to write every now and then when conveinent (spelling?). Thank you so much for all you do Mom! I appoligize for not sending the pictures yet. Have you received my letters yet? They should have some pictures in them. One of those letters is addressed to Ben but was sent to you. Would it be possible if you could forward it to him in Utah? If you would that would be so kind. I thank you for you kindness and unwavering support. I dont thank you enough... Thank you:) I just wanted to say Mom and everybody that I know that Jesus is the Christ the son of God, that He came here on earth to suffer for ME and just as He came for me He came here for YOU to. And the next time you feel like giving up think about what He went through for you, to be here, to be happy, to feel at peace, to be at peace, to be clean, to have joy, to know Him, to be let back into His presence once again. Oh the grace, the truth, the mercy of or Lord! Are we without? No! We are encircled about in the arms of His love which love never fails, never ceases. But let us not forget our part for we have a ciritical role to play here while in this mortal body. So as it is said in Doctrine and Covenants "...not backward but forward, onward to victory ...". I love you all and wish you the best. I want you, all of you, to know that I love you very very much. I hope you'll forgive for being a brat (Sam, Alisa, Mom, Dad they expecially know what I'm talking about). So I hope you'll forgive me and I love you guys. The Gospel is true! Well I guess I'll talk to you later!

-Love Elder Berryhill

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