Monday, August 10, 2009

July 8, 2009

Dear ya'll,

How is everyone? I'm doing pretty good over here. I've been transfered to the Kennewick East Zone(Eastern part of Kennewich). My new Companion is Elder Holgreen which pronounced sounds like Wholegrain. Anywho how is everyone? How is dad? Hows mom? Things are going well over here. I am grateful to be here. I didn't know if you knew from your viewing of those pictures of transfers but I have gotten better. In my last area the Lord helped me out a little bit and I was blessed to have Elder Lowry who helped me be a little happier which I am grateful for. Hey so how is Daniel Wolf? And how is Daniel Garcia? Is Daniel Garcia up and running? I sincerely hope so. Please let them know if they get a letter to please write me back because I really do want to talk with them and I love it when they do write back it makes the worst days worth it... hehe that goes for all of ya to me family:). Well just before I go I wanted to share something I've learned recently. You see my companion was at one time sick (he is better now and is doing great) and you know what that means we had to stay in until he was better. Well during that time I listened to John Bytheway on cd and it was great! one of the things he talked about was weeding your brain and growing you testimony! What a wonderful thing to speak on! I recommend it. This is the gist. The parable of the sower in the bible (Matthew 13) was suggested that is could actually be called the parable of the four soils. They are: THE WAYSIDE, STONY PLACES, THORNY PLACES and THE GOOD SOIL. The wayside was hardened (sound familiar?) and in Alma he says of his experience of turning from evil to good "I was harrowed up of all the sins that I have done". What is a harrow? A harrow is in essence is a plow, like in farming. Sometimes the Lord has to break us up to get to us(sound familiar? Trials tragedies etc.). In stony places it talks about in Matthew 13 how that the birds come and devour the seed(sounds like Satan). At the funeral of President Hinckley President Iring said that President Hinkely asked him poking him in the chest "what are you doing to get the gospel deep down into their hearts?" We, on our part, need to have a sincere heart but we need to HAVE REAL INTENT(have the intent of actually doing something about it). Thorny places refers to weeds we might have in our life. Cares of this world and the riches that do spoil. When we question our testimony we need to shift and question our doubts and do all that we can to NOURISH our testimony or plant good seeds. Pray, read your scriptures, and go to church. Talk with the Lord He hears you!!! And do all you can and while you are at it keep your spiritual eyes open he does answer. And the good soil you need to keep those weeds out of there and NOURISH the word or seed which is Christ. And remember anything the Lord has touched has lived. Anything the Lord touches lives. If the lord touches a marriage it lives, if he touches a family it lives, if he touches an individual they live. Please remember that! That is why Mom has us pray morning noon and night. It works I have seen it myself. I have testimony that He hears us and that He loves us. What greater comfort can you get than that? I know that this church is true and that He lives. Please if you feel inclined to share this with anyone do it. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon. Well anyway see ya!
Elder Berryhill

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