Monday, August 10, 2009

February 11, 2009

Dear All,
Thank you for your prayers. :)

Hey guys, How are you? Hey things are doing pretty good. Well the usual is goin on. Lots of crazy things are goin on back home it sounds like. Well I was hoping that I would be able to send you some pictures but from the looks of things this being the second atempt has once again flopped. I've got the things except the computers we're using are the church's or the public library's both of which are computers that aren't mine so I can't install programs on them. So I was thinking what if I were to send you my memory card and and the cd or program that goes along with it and I believe that with the printer that we have at home will be able to read it. And if we did it that way if we had another memory card that I had I could use that one while you guys take the pictures off the other one that I would send you. So kind of a rotating thing. If you could get back to me on that next time that would be great and if you could tell me if that is something you want to do.Thanks mom for telling me whats going on back at home. I hope everyone is doing well."May my Lord give grace equall to my day" -President Wilford WoodruffWell I'd love to hear from everybody(family) :) and also my friends too piticularly Daniel Wolf and Daniel Garcia and Timmy Garcia. But I do understand that everyone is busy but I'd still love to hear from everybody. Well at this time not too much is going on just trying to step it up with the invetagators we have to challenge to make a step of faith and to move out of their comfort zone. Well anyway please tell J.J. that I'm really happy that he's going "ITT tech"... I think thats what it is... well trade school anyway but yeah I think that's something that I might look into too but that I really really really encourage him to go to church and if not that then read the scriptures first and then go to church it's really super super important and to pray to. And if you could ask him to write me. Well thats great whats going on. Well the gospel is true and I love you guys. somethings I leared this week were about faith or the step of faith. As it says in the bible "be cold or hot but if ye be luke warm I will spew you out" we have that many of our investagators match this that they are not willing to fully commit that they have one foot in Zion and one in mammon. My mind is once again drawn towards the things I've been taught in my youth to seminary. I remember mom taking out two pieces of masking tape and laying them on the floor in the shape of a v having the two draw towards each other until they met in the middle. She had us walk from the bottom of the v to the edges and see how far we could walk until we had to choose one side or the other. Talk about doing the splits :). We had district meeting yesterday and one elder said something that caught my interest and it was "doubt not thy confidence" this is the name of a talk given at a devotional given by one of the twelve. Now contrary to what you might think at first but this is reffering to the answer(s) given from the Lord in response to our prayers. One qoute that I really like is "rarely are our prayers answered while on our knees" and sometimes it will be a long time before our prayers are answered but as it is said in "restoration" "the Lord does answer Joseph. He answers in His own time and in His own way... but He does answer." I hope that these excerpts are of benefit to you all and I hope I'm not rambling. I just hope these things may be of benefit to you in some way or at some future point and time. I love you all and hope to hear from you soon.

-Love Elder Berryhill

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