Monday, August 10, 2009

April 21, 2009

Hey Mom,

It is so good to hear that both you and dad and the rest of the family are doing alright. Well thought I'd mention that the Vancover area is quite nice... but reguardless and still love home aka my family and California :). So what else is going on? That is so exciting that Ethan is getting baptized! I really appricated (spelling?) dad that you and Ethan wrote on e-mail! Thats was so cool to hear from my nephew and from you to Dad :). I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lately I've had before my mind that of the premortal world and with that the realization that comes along with it that this is a test and that there is behind all the temptations and glory and power of the world absoulutely nothing but hot air. There may be that self fullfiling moment which brings temporary satisfaction but as sure as the sun will rise and set so will the consequences that are insperatly connected to the choices of sin come. I know that this is true! It is my hope that all of us not fall victum to the victous brutality of sin but follow the Savior in the inffinately charitable and wonderfully constructed plan for all of us! We are brothers and sisters in this world, in a world of confusion, strife, malce, contention and suffering. He is our Eldeist Brother! He holds the light that illuminates the dark casisums of time to show us the way to salvation and exaltation, to Him and our Heavenly Father. May we all be there together some day is my undying wish. All of us. So let us cling to all rightiousness. Look to Him and and follow Him in faith. And like the pioneers of old when we can't seem to go on anymore, when the bitter cold sets in and the wind blows relentlessly and even our very strength fails us KNOW that the Lord is right there beside you, ready to bear you up should you fall, for He loves you and know that this must be done. You, ALL of you, have been such a wonderful example to me each in his or her own way. Each exibiting characteristics and strenghts that I hope someday I will acheive. I love all and this I leave with you in the name of Jesus Christ amen.P.S. Mom or Alisa if you would Like you can go ahead and share this e-mail with others. I want them to know that know that this is true. and please share this with Daniel. Love ya lots:).

-Love Elder Berryhill

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