Monday, August 10, 2009

February 17, 2009

Hey Family!, Yo everybody! whats going on? Well from the last letter a TON of crazy stuff is sounds like has been going on another testiment to me that the Lord fulfills His promises and that those that serve that there loved ones will He bless and he who serves. Thats wonderful news that Timmy got his mission call!!! I new he would go on a mission I just new!!! How is Daniel Wolf and Daniel Garcia doing? Thanks Mom for telling me about them I really do appericate it:) Hows J.J. too? Well thats cool ok so I wont send the chip I'll see if the mission president will ok me useing the members computer and send it to you. If not then I'll just print them off at Wal-mart and send them or send them through Wal-mart. Its wonderful to hear that all the family is doing well. I hope that Grandma Lawson and Berryhill will get better. Its interesting that both of them got the same thing close to the same time. Hey good news though this past week two miricals happened. Ok last week we decided to drop by someone we have been trying to see for sometime and was never home. This time they were home. We shared a spiritual thougtht and said our good byes and left. About a day or so later we got this phone call from the less active person we had periviously visited. He said that his girlfriend had a question or two about somethings and wanted to meet with us so a day or so later we came and droped by had a meeting. She told us that she was once a member of the Lutherine faith but rarely paid attention. After some time later she became Athiest(dont know if I spelled that right but one who doesn't believe in God). One day she decided to buy some church matterial. A month later she was having a real hard time and to get her mind off of things she went to go and check the mail and she found the dvds church matterials in the mail. About another month later she was again having a hard time and just sat down and got out two words to the less active member and immediately there was a knock at the door it was us and our exchange. These two things or events that happened weren't by chance and she knew it that is why she had this meeting that is way she called us up that is what she told us and we saw it. That Heavenly Father would in her greatest time of need would send something someone to help her with her problems and signal her and bid her come unto Him is what effected her the most. I know that because she told us that. To know that if we had come at another time it may not have availed anything. I remember walking to that appiontment just another appiontment nothing signicante... right? She has know decided to take the lessons. She has bought a quad and book of Mormon aids to help her understand and dvds and has been watching them even before our first visit and in her very own words said "I'm hungering after it." She doesn't believe in God but after these events her belief has seemed to have been shaken unto truely questioning yeah even unto searching for as she has said "I hunger for it". The other is one who has had the lessons before some 4 years ago and has just recently been releasted from prision. For a short while we have tried to catch her while at home and have our appiontment to teach. One day we droped by for our appiontment which we schedule with her and she was not home. We tried back again and she was there. We taught her the first lesson. While teaching I experienced something I had never before felt or experenced. While teaching it seemed as though the things and principles I was teaching were somehow... being lifted up and directed towards her. That may sound strange but hmm... ok try this... sometimes I have a hard time to teach and applying and directing it to them personally Im not sure why. But this time I could feel the infulence of the spirit not so much bowe me up but my words and directing them to help her and apply to her. I've been trying to better my teaching skills or better my choice of words not of me but directed of the spirit and I dont know why but its difficult almost like catching a hocky puck on slippery ice with no skates. But that time I could feel the spirit in the eternal sceme of things bowe me up of which I am very thankful for. She has been put on date for which we can hardly wait and I know it is the Lord that doeth it. Well I love you all and it is a wonderful thing to see the Lords hand in all things from my place her in the Washington Kennewick Mission in seeing Him bless all of you and us here also. It's ineresting the past few weeks I've noticed something. In the past satan has tried to pull me down some days and others its fine but we go on. Looking back I see those hard times were just before the Lord was about to poure out His blessings in some way and in something we really needed or something we had prayed for. I have a testimony that prayer does work that He does answer prayers and He is mindful of us... all of us. He loves us and wants to bless us but if we do not hold out faithful He can not bless us he must retain it. How it sorrows me to disappiont my Heavenly Father. May we always be faithful and stand firm in the station where with the Lord has entrusted us is my prayer. I love you all and hope to hear from you all soon. I guess I'll talk to you all later. Love ya!-

Love Elder Berryhill

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