Monday, August 10, 2009

May 19, 2009

"Dear Mom & Dad and Family,

Hey how are you all doing? I am so glad to hear all about you... It would be even greater to hear from you:) But I understand that ya'll are busy but if you find a moment that would be great! So things are doing pretty good over here in the Vancover area (Washougal). For the past few days it has been really sunny but eventually that chain was broken with rain that came yesterday:) And right now its raining ALOT. Not to worry were fine but I'll be honest I love to see it rain... I dont know why but anywho. Oh yeah I was going to ask you, you said that Belinda has a brother out on a mission... but I was wondering who? Is Jordan? Anyway I'm glad that you told me that. Well in a week we will be seeing two people baptized and begin their journey up the path of the gospel. I am greatful that they will be able to partake in the blessings that the gosple has for them. Well I know that you wanted me to go ahead and and give you my favorite scripture. Now this isn't for sure due to this being from memory but it is either John 7 or 17:9-11 so I'm not sure but anyway there is a start yay:)! Well I need to scoot as Grandma always says. I love you all and want you all to know that I know that the gospel is true... it really is. I have no doubt of or about it! I FEEL His love for me even now.

Love Elder Berryhill

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