Monday, August 10, 2009

January 6, 2009

Dear All,

Here is David's latest letter. For those who are not his brothers or sisters. If you wish you can email us and we can print it out and send it on to him as he is only able to email and receive email from immediate family. Thanks for wanting to hear from David.
Mama B. :) (Fran)

Hey Mom and Dad!

How are you guys? Well things are going well here in the Washington Kennewick Mission. How is everyone? How are my friends? How is Sugar? Is she still crazy as ever? :) Hey well I just wanted to write you guys and share with you a little bit of what is going on here and what I've learned. Right now we are teaching two people and are tracting for more. I can see the Lord's hand in the work and also in my life. I can feel Him in my prayers. I can feel His protective influence come over me. I know He is looking after me. Hehe also He makes sure that I am well fed... which makes me happy:). Something I've learned while I've been out here is the realality of the promises of having charity. In the past week we were out tracting. Now just so you know everytime we go out tracting, I don't know why, I don't want to do it even though the past time at the end of tracting I liked it. I have found this pattern to be consistent in the refferal center at the MTC. Back to tracting, one day while we were tracting we came to one and I was up, it was my turn, and I didn't want to do it but I did. I remember distinctly that I choose to love that person even though I didn't know him. As I did so the feeling of being scared simply went away as though it were washed away. He was not interested but coming on this mission I've come to learn that you must understand that they are not the only investagators. You are to. I bear you my testimony that charity never faileth. Perfect love casteth out all fear as it did mine. How do we know that a thing is true? Test it. How shall we know that it is of God? Ask "does it invite to do good?". I know that this gospel is true and that there is no other way nor name given whereby man may be saved unless it be through Jesus Christ. I know this is true because I've tested it. I'm exersieing the gospel in my life everyday. And I've learned that I could've done it before. I will continue to do so and encouarge and invite all to do the same. Well anyway hey Mom I was wondering would you be willing to send this to my friends and everyone else that you would like to send to? Would you also ask the family and my friends to write me:) If you would I would so very much appericiate it. But if not that fine to:) Well I got to go. But I love you ALL so very much. Thank you for being there it reakky does mean alot. Well got to go.
Love ya!-

Love Elder Berryhill

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