Monday, August 10, 2009

December 13, 2008

Letter from Elder Berryhill Forwarded

Dear Alisa,

Hey, how are you. How are things going at home? Well, at the MTC was pretty cool and fun. Yup, you were right about the MTC - everyone is busy. Always something to do. The MTC was awesome. The first week here in Kennewick has been a challenge but in a good way. Learning to be strong, diligent. Too to be obedient. It has been interesting I can feel the Lord's influence and protecting power surround me as I go about His work. From day to day it has been a testimony to me. About the mission here, the people here seem to be more receptive than those from California. It is a little cold here and there is a slight chance of snow. My companion is Elder Poll but pronounced "Paul". In this mission 70% of the missionaries live with members, which is awesome! And like 40-50% of the missionaries use cars which I believe is due to the vast region it covers. President and Sister Belnap are awesome. I really respect them. They are kind and firm and set a really good example. Remember "every member a missionary"? Well, President Belnap, is every member a missionary president. They have really embraced the work here and it is really helping a lot. Well, please do tell about what is going on at home. I'd love to know. Well tell everyone I love them and that I hope that I hear from them ALL :) soon. Thanks for always being there. Talk to you later.
Elder Berryhill

PS David is not suppose to receive emails from those outside the family. However, if you wish to write him you may email us and we can mail it to him. Or there is a site called dear that will (if you set up an account) receive your email and mail is for you. The only things is you would need to pay them for the postage. So you may email us if you wish and we will send it on. So I am rewriting this and sending it out (no temptation then to break the mission rules :)). So you can email us if you wish. Thanks. Fran (Mama B. :)

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