Monday, August 10, 2009

February 3, 2009

Dear Mom and Dad... And Family!,

Wow! thats crazy! Did all that just come up recently? I had no idea about all that stuff. Thats crazy! Is everyone doing good? Is Dad doing good... Are you doing good? I you said that you were still recovering from an illness which I pressume is the same illness that Dad was reffering to some few letters ago. Please do all that you can to get better mom. I know that you busily engaged in good works but please take the time to take care of yourself. Dad is all well with you? I heard that you just had some growths removed and are recovering. Please dont do anything that might hurt you on account of that. But of corse if my pleading demands are rediculess (not sure on spelling) and you are doing fine then I guess just ignore them. How are you guys? How is everyone doing? Thanks Mom for the updates:)! Sounds like a whole lot is going on... A whole BUNCH:). Well I hope that Emily gets better shes been through a lot. But sounds good that they've found another medication for her:). Hope that works out. Sounds like Grandma Niece is doing better. Hopfully she'll be walking the halls in no time. Everytime I think of Grandma Neice I think of how she reminds me of you. Both you and Grandma Niece Cheer up my soul everytime I think of you. I am sooo greatful of the family and the parents I have. I WOULD NOT trade them for anything or anyone! Not in the world or for the world. I would so like to help Alisa in her class. I can remember long ago asking Alisa (I being about 6 years old) if I could come with her to visit in her class and help her. I find my self yet again in that same prediciment. I wish that there was some way that I might say as it says in Alma 32:27. I mean I'm not perfect I'll tell ya that right now. I just wish that they knew what I learned at the MTC.Time is too short to pass up eternity and when you realize that eternity has been passed up it'll be too late. My challenge to you is to take this opportunity right now this very moment when you shall hear this and test it. Read the scriptures! Pray about them! Enestly show the Lord by your dilligence what you are willing to do to know it! Don't waste a second no not one! Don't put it off thats what I did and I almost missed it! Its not worth tarding in all that time and joy that you could have had once again being reunited with your loving Heavenly Father for something else in this world... for anything else in this world! When I say this please do not be offended. Please know that I say this in all sincerity and love although I do not know you. I plead with you listen to what I've said. If you don't want to listen to me then listen to them, the prophets. If you don't want to take my word for it then take His. He will answer.Hey sorry about that I got carried away:). I dont know if you want to share what I wrote. Just thought you might like it. If you want to share it with you seminary class that would be awesome. Go ahead and share this with everyone else you feel inclined if you like. But of course your call:). Well anyway just thought I'd share that little bit hope I didn't go over board just want to help. Anyway I love you all with all my heart. You guys are the best! Well any way I guess I'll talk to you guys later And thanks for the updates sounds like a lot of crazy stuff is happening but remember the Lord is in control. The gospel is true! Love ya! Bye.

-Love Elder Berryhill

P.S. I hope you dont mind but I was hoping to withdraw some money from the account. Somewhere around $30-$35 for ctr ring if that alright.

P.S.S. Hey mom I'm doing good not freezing and I'm good with blankets. also doing good health wise.

Love your son David.

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