Monday, August 10, 2009

January 13, 2009

Hey Mom and Dad and...

Everybody! How are things going? I've just finished reading everybodies emials and they were great!!! Sadly I have only 15 minutes... So I got type speedily fast :). Ok so lots of stuff is going on here. Ok here we go... right now the temperture is like 50 to 60 degrees outside almost all the snow has melted. ok the crazy story behind that is that they have what they call chinnocks you know like the Cannadians nick name if you dont know what I mean then ask Sam he know what I mean. The reason I say that is that they are(the nick name and Chinnocks) are pronounced the same way. Anyway so the "chinnock" is a powerful and warm wind that comes in from off the coast. And boy I tell ya it was powerful. And it brought up the temperture from 2 degrees to 60 in one day! Hehe so ya I'm doing good and it actually kinda warm boarderline hot here so yup:) The work is going forth and it is a testiment to me of faith. Everytime we start to slow down and slack in something we recognize it and correct it and do so in faith and also obedience and every single time we have witenessed the Lords hand go forth before us and prepare the way! It is something you have to see and experence for yourslef hehe but I think I'm preaching to the choir :) Well today we going to be doing some service in an adjacent city that is experencing flooding. We will be putting up sand bags so this will be cool :). Hey Mom I was wondering if it would be alright if I could withdraw some funds from the account that we put together prior to my mission. I was hoping somewhere from $500 to $650 which would be for my bike and if it is alright with you and Dad some things from the book store, they happen to have one here, kind of like the cummoraih book store in Modesto. But if not thats alight I'll live :). But anyway thank you all so much for what everyone has done. Thanks Mike, Sam & Krista for taking the time to write me out of your busy schedule! Thanks Alisa and Mike for the wonderful advice that you have both given me! Thank you Mom for telling me a little bit about what is going on with everybody it means a lot but I dont want to make you feel like you have to only if you want oh thanks for your wonderful testimony at the end of ecah:). Thanks Joe and Juile for the blog! Thank you Dad for your letters they really do mean a lot! Thanks Ben for your conversation on the phone it was way fun to talk to you lol you make me laugh:). Thanks John and Vicky for talking with me on the phone I loved talking with you guys and thanks John for your testimony! Thank Joe for you advice! Thanks Maryanne and Dave for talking with me on the phone sorry Dave you were or are still sick hope you feel better! I head you went skiing Whoop whoop! Thats way cool I bet Ethan did great! How did Ethan enjoy the Thomas story? Mat and Belinda thank you for all you guys have done hehe and thanks for the green beans lol you guys make me laugh:)! I think I've got everyone. I love you all so much thank you for you support it means a lot! God lives! Jesus is the Christ the Son of the living God! This is His church and His power and athority has once again been restored upon the earth. The gospel is true! I know that God loves me and if you dont know that for yourself you to can know that He loves YOU. I love you everybody! Thanks for your prayers! They help! Well got to go. Love you all and hope to hear from you soon.
Love ya!-

Love Elder Berryhill

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