Wednesday, September 15, 2010

(14 Sep 10)

5:52 PM

Dear family,

I am glad to write you today. I hope that all is well in your lives. I apologise to those who I have not written yet. I will be writing you soon. I am sorry that it has taken this long. Things are beginning to pick up here and things will rolling soon. It is simply amazing just how much a little organizing can help in any aspect in life. As we've made it a priority to put things together such that the technicalities be kept in their Que, the spirit and the motivation and I believe the inspiration will begin to flow. The Lord is a Lord of order. For now there isn't a whole lot of activity by way of investigators. We are teaching a lot of less actives. I am grateful to be here. I pray that the Lord will be able to use me this last little bit for all the good that I can help render here. This town is somewhat complacent. I pray and hope that we can help fix that. I know that this Church is true and am infinitely grateful for the peace and happiness that is brings into my life. Thank you guys for all that you and I love you. I hope to hear from you soon. Talk to you later. bye.


Elder Berryhill

P.S. I'm praying for all you. Please keep praying for me I love the prayers. I notice them, they make a different. Love ya.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for keeping me up to date. And for giving me boosts too. It helps me out a lot. Sounds like everybody is busy. That's good. Well we are still hacking away here in my area. I am sure that we will make some good progress by doing this. I am grateful to be here. I got to go to the Temple this morning. With living in Benton City we live only 10-15 minutes away. So the Lord has provided a way and means that we can still go to Kennewick for things like shopping and the Temple. Well anyway I got to get going. I love you guys and pray for you everyday. I hope you have a great day I'll talk to you later. The church is true. Love ya. Bye.

Elder Berryhill

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Half Mission Zone Conference

12:17 PM

Hello everyone,

The past little bit has really been something. Yesterday we had a half Mission Zone Conference for the east side. An area authority namely Elder Ringwood came and spoke to us. He talked to us about sacrifice. It was wonderful. He also showed us this wonderful concept from the perspective of an investigator. He used the account of the woman at the well to teach so many wonderful principles. It has enhanced my understanding of ones personal progress in this process. From ones first encounter with the gospel in its fullest to the events that follow, and how we can, with this understanding, better go about teaching so that they will open their hearts.

I am finding more and more that the principles of success in missionary work revolves so much on others agency and more importantly how they use their agency. If we can get them to hop right on in, the process of receiving personal revelation for themselves, then the flood gates can begin to open, other wise we will just be getting the ones that just about from the get go get it, already there, are golden or other wise so in tune with the spirit it isn't even funny. Which isn't a bad thing just that there are so many others that aren't there and perhaps will never get there unless we go, find them and bring them to it.

I marvel at the thought as I think about the grand scheme of things or the plan of salvation. I think "what I have to do, is it really this complicated and this difficult?". The answer is yes and no. Sometimes I think we get so stinkin' close to the plan that it blurs our vision and totally overcomes us and we reply in an outburst of emotion "WHY!?" There is SOO much to take in". Back up a little bit. Let your vision refocus and you will see the big picture more clearly and REMEMBER it. God is not the author of confusion so no, it isn't that complicated.

As for this being difficult yes, but there is more to this. For one, many times we ourselves make it difficult. By our actions that we make in life, but even more and secondly it is the decisions that are made before the action... you know the ones in your mind and deep in your chest. When you are counting the cost as it were and you make the choice of not only what you are going to do but what you choose to stand for and you go through this little inventory of what I'm going to accept and do out of what the Lord gives me... yeah. That. If we pick and choose, it will just make things harder. We covenanted to keep all His commandments. Not a few. And if we expect to get His help we won't. If we almost keep all the commandments we almost get the blessings. Isn't it just so simple? I think that's awesome! Cutting us some slack, knowing it was gonna be hard enough as it was just to do the task.

Now it's [easier] said than done I know. So there will be times when the situation above isn't the case. This is where the Atonement comes in. Christ knew that our fullest potential here on earth would not be enough to cut it. But we know that's okay. He made it that way. I was writing in a fellow missionary's transfer journal who was feeling like he was a failure as a missionary. He wasn't and I was trying to help him see that. One thing I wrote was this. "Some days we are sent forth with the ability to give 10 points. If we give 8 we under performed. Right? And you know what? Somedays we will be sent forth only with the ability to give 10 points when the day requires 12 points and say you give that 10. Did you fail? No. Because you gave what you had.". And I would end on the note "and that's all the Lord asks of you" but that would be false. The Lord always wants us to pray to Him and when we ask Him for help and we have given our "10" then He will fill in the rest. Then we will make it out on top. Exhausted and depleted of all we had but thoroughly pleased at the accomplishment of the task that was impossible. But was done. How? Through Him. And on top of all that he will give you 12 points. Isn't it wonderful?

I am so thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and for the profound impact it has had on my life. I know God lives and that His Son Jesus Christ lives to. They love me and care about me. The same goes for everyone else. I am honored to be a apart of this great work. His church is restored and there is a prophet on the earth today. We can develop our own personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. That is such a thrill! To get to know Him and feel His love for you. I know it has been for me. And I will ever rejoice He came for me. In the name of Jesus Christ amen.


I know I went on a tangent and sorry for the tone I get a little preachy sometimes I just get so... I guess zealous and just pumped up about it all. And I know that all you know this stuff but I guess I just had other people in mind as I wrote it too. Maybe like friends or whoever you might feel like sharing this with. I just want people to know the things I know and that I know that they are true! I know they are. I love you guys and thank you soooooo much everything you do! I am sooo glad that everyone had a good time at the reunion. Don't worry Sam and Krista we'll make it onto the next boat. Lol.

Today is Tuesday our P-day. The weather is good and so is the work. So much is going to change in the next little bit with missionary work. Thank you for your prayers. They are answered. I am being blessed because of your faith. I need all the help I can get. . . .

I love you guys and hope and that all is going well. I'll talk to you later and have a great day!

Elder Berryhill

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear family,

How are you all doing? Things are going well over here. Investigators are progressing and the Lord's work is moving on. There are 8 new lessons being taught to missionaries to enhance and better their teaching and the spirit is following in it's wake as a testimony that it is indeed apart of the Lord's work and is inspired of Him. I know that this is true and I am indebted to Him for being apart of this work. I am short on time but I just wanted to tell you all that I love you and am grateful that I am associated with you. The Lord loves His children and we are all His children. I will tell you that it is primarily or at least in part involves questions that are inspired of the spirit. Well I have to go now but I want to let you know that I love you and look forward to hearing from you soon. Talk to you later.

Love Elder Berryhill

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Date: Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 11:35 AM

Hey Mom and Dad and everybody!

Thanks Mom and Dad for the happy birthday! And the package to. I haven't "looked inside it" yet. Like I mean I opened it but then I felt like I should wait so I did. Thought I'd save it for my birthday. Heh I don't know if I'm prepared for this :0. Just one of those things where you are like..." Hmm that came up alot faster than I expected.'. Well alot of things are comin' up. We have one person on date for baptism. Her name is Robin. I don't know if I told you this or not but here it goes. We also have two other people as potentials for baptism. They are Audra and Brandon. Audra is married to Jeff who is less active. They are really into baseball and have been coming out to play baseball next to the church. It is an event that the ward has put on for those who want to play. Audra is a really outstanding lady. She has taught her children amazing principles and morals and this she did before she met Jeff so no influence from the church yet. Her children are really mature and respectful. We hope to baptize them as well. A couple of weeks ago the family came to church and were welcomed abundantly which I believe the husband who is less active he didn't expect. I am soo grateful for members when they do their part. They can be soo much more effective [than] missionaries could ever be sometimes. Like with Audra a year ago she wouldn't have a gospel topic conversation. And now we are teaching her the Plan of Salvation! Periodically through out our lessons with her she will chuckle and shake her head and say "I can't believe that we are talking [about] this.". I think of this truth taught by an Apostle of the Lord the study of doctrine will change behavior better then study of behavior will change behavior. Audra one day was on the road when her tire went flat. In her words she said that she was a big girl and knew how to take care of herself but a man stopped by and fixed her tire. With that thanks were said and he left. People doing random acts of kindness. It stood out to her as she had grown up around people who really didn't do that sort of thing. A few weeks later a strong wind blew down a tree onto her car. Jeff called the Elders quorum and they came. during the project Audra came out and the man who was operating the chainsaw looked really familiar. It was him! Who is that guy? she asked. That is Brother so and so from church. He replied. Because of those small acts of kindness she opened her doors to us and now we are teaching her. Our examples make a difference. If we did that, I don't know if it would be the same outcome. I am thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and I know it's true. I am thankful to be out here I know there are alot of changes back at home good and bad but it is okay. I know you know that too. Like Mom said the Gospel is true so what else matters. I have felt His protection and do feel His protection over me. It is real. Not a metaphorical thing. Well I have to go but I will talk to you all later. Thank you all for everything that you do. Well until next time have a wonderful day and remember the gospel is true so what else matters:) Love ya!

Elder Berryhill

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Work


Hey Family!

Well I thought I'd drop you all a line and tell what's going on over here.

Yesterday, Tuesday, we had our first interviews with President Greer. He is a very kind man. I am thankful that he has been sent here to be our Mission President. This past week we taught a part member family named the Place family. We taught them about commandments and how that through Jesus Christ we can be filled with His love and achieve those things he wants us to achieve. The wife, who is not a member, then began to comment that the members are good people. She told us about how that she thought of people that were good or kind and then find out later on down the road that they were members. One such experience was of a man who stopped by one day to help her on the side of the road when she had a flat tire. She said that she could do it on her own but this man came and helped and then left. Several months later a tree was blown down in her yard because of the winds that day. Because her husband is a member he knew of the elders quorum and called and they came. Among the many people that were there one of them looked familiar. It was that same man that had changed her tire. She asked her husband who he was. He told her Brother Kibbe. Brother Kibbe is the Elders Quorum President and did a charitable act and didn't even tell her who he was. That simple act of kindness moved a mountain and he had forgotten about it till this Sunday when it was announced at priesthood meeting. He just did what Jesus Christ would do and moved on. Our example does make a difference even out in the middle of nowhere on a long stretch of road. And I am confident that our Heavenly Father is happy when we do it.

Well I have to go but just wanted to say that I love you and hope you had a wonderful time at the family reunion. Talk to you later. Bye!

Elder Berryhill

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Date: Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 12:47 PM

Hey Mama B and Daddy B :)
And hi everybody

Today I was on an exchange with another missionary in a different area and we taught a lady that they had tracted into earlier. It was a wonderful experience. We taught her the first lesson, the restoration. I felt the spirit there. I became more cognisant of how my teaching was. Did I teach to much to soon, did I miss the mark or did I let the spirit guide my actions and guide me in what I taught? I felt fairly good about the appointment I just hope that I didn't get in the way of what the spirit had to say. It was amazing as we taught her in her home. We first sat down and began to speak with her. She explained her reason for having us come back and whey she was interested. She wanted to know what the Mormons believe and what sets us apart from everyone else and also what is so different about one religion from another. Aren't they all pretty much the same? Now that last line I just wrote she didn't actual say but I knew that that was what she was getting at. She wasn't antagonistic towards us but just had honest questions and we answered them. It was such a... happy, is really the best word to describe it, feeling to teach her these things. I KNEW that they were true. I was testifying TO her of truth. I could see at times her looking back into my eyes which I have experienced before in other lessons. An investigator searching, knowingly or unknowingly, for the missionary's conviction in the message that he or she is proclaiming. In the language of the soul "Do you really believe this? Is this really true? How do you know?" in essence this is what they yearn for and often cry out silently. This lady though she stated that she was curious mainly about what we believe and just wanted to know what was out there, really was wanting to know what IS the truth? But she did not know where to find it. I know that each of us are searching for truth and will continue to search for it until we find it. We are spirit children and we need truth. With out knowledge we feel a emptiness inside like starving. We, all of us, are sent for to serve the Lord as He said " feed My lambs... feed My sheep". I know that this gospel is true and I am thankful to be out here. I hope to hear from you guys soon and I love you. Thanks for everything. Bye.

Elder Berryhill