Wednesday, September 15, 2010

(14 Sep 10)

5:52 PM

Dear family,

I am glad to write you today. I hope that all is well in your lives. I apologise to those who I have not written yet. I will be writing you soon. I am sorry that it has taken this long. Things are beginning to pick up here and things will rolling soon. It is simply amazing just how much a little organizing can help in any aspect in life. As we've made it a priority to put things together such that the technicalities be kept in their Que, the spirit and the motivation and I believe the inspiration will begin to flow. The Lord is a Lord of order. For now there isn't a whole lot of activity by way of investigators. We are teaching a lot of less actives. I am grateful to be here. I pray that the Lord will be able to use me this last little bit for all the good that I can help render here. This town is somewhat complacent. I pray and hope that we can help fix that. I know that this Church is true and am infinitely grateful for the peace and happiness that is brings into my life. Thank you guys for all that you and I love you. I hope to hear from you soon. Talk to you later. bye.


Elder Berryhill

P.S. I'm praying for all you. Please keep praying for me I love the prayers. I notice them, they make a different. Love ya.

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