Monday, August 10, 2009

No Date, 2009

Hey Mom and Everybody!

How are things for everyone? Things are doing good over here. I'm being transfered to the Van South area. In response to your question you asked in your last letter Mom we do get the ensign thank Father in Heaven. I look forward to being able to read it next month. as a matter of fact that was the gist that was going on in my head... "man I'm really slow at taking notes... good thing its coming out in the ensign" *sighs* :). Well when I read that Daniel Wolf said "maybe" about going on a mission it drew my mind back to right before I left for my mission. We were talking, right after the eagle court of honor in the cultural hall (spelling?), and some how got on to the subject or at least in part about going on a mission and he said and pardond me but I can not recall the exact wording but here: someone asked me about when I'd come home and to this question I responded " around November -December" and Daniel Wolf commented "So we'll be about a year apart from seeing each other" at this I cocked my eyebrow. Huh? I thought to myself. I asked what he meant and he responded "when I go on my mission". Now don't get me wrong I'm not at all in anyway trying to condemn him only to remind him that he said he would. Daniel is a good man and I know it. I've seen it in him. I've worked with him for a time in which I learned from. There were times when I would rest from work and he would continue. I would learn from him. I know he can serve no... I testify he can! Daniel Garcia also is a good man I've seen it in him. There is the good and that which the Lord has placed in all of us... our spirits. We see it and feel it everyday. When we progress in the things of this world, temporal things, we feel better about ourselves and temporally happy in the thing(s) we've accomplished. Like wise when we accomplish things of spirital or eternal nature we experence a profoundly greatful and and exsqwisit joy far beyond the ordinary. Nothing at thins time that we can do at this age can compinsae for the faliure of not goning on a mission if we have the chance. this is my testimony in the name of Jesus Chrsit amen

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