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November 21, 2008

Dear All,

Daddy and I just came back from Southern California. Daddy had meetings their for TID. We received this letter from David and wanted to send it on to everyone. Love to All.

Dear Family,

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't sent any letters lately. I hope everything is going well back home. Well time to update you all. My first companion was Elder Madson but unfortunately he decided to go home. There were some concerns he had about his family but don't get the wrong idea he was a good guy. It's just that he probably was not ready yet. My new companion is Elder Peterson. He is a good guy to...wait I mean Elder. Sorry I have a bad habit of calling everybody dude or guy etc. But for Elders or Sisters you should call them just that because that helps to retain in remembrance the sacred nature of your calling which is not to be taken lightly. I also learned the meaning of the word Elder. It means defender of righteousness and this applies to the sisters as well. Hey, just curious but did you receive my letters? In the letters I have received from you it didn't seem like you had read them yet. But anyway I think it's time I tell you about my district. OK, we have Elder Smith and Elder Winkly (District leader, Senior comp) elder Rosequest and Elder Clanser, Elder Berryhilll and Elder Peterson (senior comp and junior comp) Sisters Row and Oriley and Sisters Higens and Depise. I've grown so close to these Elders and Sisters here. They are like family. Well there have been so many quotes given and profound statements made here that I am certain the Lord is working with us. that and the fact that we can feel the Spirit is a plus :). Family I love you Mom you are awesome. Thanks for writing me, Dad you're on of the most selfless persons I know. Thank you so much for sacrificing for me to be here! Actually both of you have! Thank you so much! And Alisa! :) You know I"m so glad that you treated me like a brother even though sometimes I didn't act like one. You are the best! Seriously :). I really do hope that everybody will be OK while I'm gone. I really do love you guys. Hey I'd love to hear from everyone and friends too! I got Felicia's letter too. Would you let her know I said thanks. So how did Thanksgiving go? Sorry this letter is rather choppy it is because I have been writing a little everyday. Oh, before I forget I wanted you to know that the first Tuesday here at the MTC we had Elder Jeffery R. Holland speak to us about first devotional. It was powerful, straight to the point! It was good. He didn't sugar coat it, he told us how it is. Oh another thing just to confirm what many Elder or missionaries have been saying, Yes, you do get bad gas from the food you eat at the MTC. Sorry Mom I just had to tell ya :). Would you please have Daniel W., Daniel G., Tyler G., Timmy G. and JJ Wolf to please write me? If you would that would be wonderful!!

So I heard that Dad is working on the building. That is awesome. That will be so cool when I come back and the building is there wahoo oo! Thanks for writing those letters they mean a lot. It is November 27th and it is Thanksgiving! We were able to do service today. It was awesome! We put together first aid kits and several times we sang songs. It was awesome.

Anyway I love you guys. I'll mail this off right away. Love you all.
Happy Thanksgiving. Hope to hear from you soon.

Elder Berryhill

PS Thank you so much for paying the fees for the shots. Thanks for being my family.
Love You!!!!

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