Monday, August 10, 2009

April 14, 2009

Hey Mom and everybody!!!

Hey so how are you guys doing? Hey sorry about that last e-mail I was running out of time but I meant to finish so to finish... I was just hopping that someone would please share the testimony I sent to you and if you would also remind him of the promise he made. Please tell him that this will not be something that he will regret. I love you all for the wounderful family that you are. Each and everyone of you play such an wonderful in this family and in my life! My family would not be the same with you! I just wanted to let you know that I know that this church is true and that there is no other way to gain happiness, joy and true sastisfaction for the life that we live unless we live the gospel and share it! Something I've learned while on my mission is that you can not grow unless you leave your comfort zone. Also what president Uthouf (spelling?) said "luckily enough we can start right where we are" Oh how glad I am to hear those words! We do not need to be perfect or have everthing lined up just right we can start now, we can start here. And with the kind words Mom taught me while in my youth "there is no chance no fate no destiny that can circumvent hinder or control the firm reslove of a determined soul". I am comforted to know this but even more so to know that my savior lives! To know the plan of salvation. You are my family having gone on my mission has brought to me a sobering relization. That I could be seporated from my family. Of corse I knew about but didn't really hit until just then when I got on that twin turbo prop air plane and they started up the engeins and procceded to turn us about straightway down the runway. Then it hit me. There is a chance I might not see them for quite a while. But being out here has helped me understand something... IF I hold true THEN everything will be alright... everything will be alright. I know that that is true and I take eternal comfort in it. Well I need to get goin but I love you all so much and know that the gospel IS true! Well until next time so long. Love ya!

-Love Elder Berryhill

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