Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2009 18:58:25
Subject: Hello Everyone
Hi everybody!

How is everyone doing? I am soo glad that everyone is starting to feel better and are getting better.

Hey Mom I will send a package to you soon. In it contains actual pictures and cds that have pictures on them. I feel really bad I haven't sent them yet because there are so many pictures on there and there is one picture that is of me with the Portland temple in the background. I took this 4 1/2 to 6 months ago. Sorry about that but they are comin now. I'll be sure to take more pictures of me and others. I'm sorry I was procrastinating and somewhere along the line I came under the impression that the plaque was already assembled. And I feel bad I didn't send them after the many times you said you wanted to have some pictures. Well they're a comin.

I love you guys. I'm pround of you Dad. I'm pround of all of you! You are ALL making outstanding strides in your lives and are setting a huge example for me! What a blessing to have such a family as mine! I want you all to know that I look up to you I really do. You give me such comfort to know you are all mine for all eternity and I am yours. I am sorry if I failed to reply back to you any of you but I'm gonna try to get back to you. Thank you for your example. Thank you for your love and support it really is appreacited. I am greatful for the gosple of Jesus Christ. It makes me free. Of this there is no doubt. May we all be free and not be ensnared by the traps set by satan. Remember we are all gonna be there. A promise is a promise Love you all!
Talk to you later!


Elder Berryhill

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